Persela Will Take Former Persib For Victory

Persela Will Take Former Persib For Victory

Target full point targeted Persela Lamongan host Persib Bandung at the Stadium Surajaya, Sunday (22/10/2017) afternoon Additional points will maximize the certainty of the team Laskar Joko Tingkir to survive in League 1 next season.

For that, all the ability will be deployed by Persela squad to as much as possible win the game. Including, would rely on the former Persib players who now strengthen the team Laskar Joko Tingkir.

There are some Persib alumni in the Persela squad, ranging from Eka Ramdani, Samsul Arif, Aang Suparman, to M. Agung Pribadi. They are all expected coach Aji Santoso is in a fit condition, so it can melakoni reunion action against his former team well.

“Hence, yesterday the match against Borneo FC, I accidentally save Eka, which I only play until 5 minutes after the second round. He deliberately I save, the goal so as not tired, “said Aji Santoso, Saturday (21/10/2017).

“Anyway, he’s a former Persib, Eka would want to show a maximum performance, Eka is part of our tactics to face Persib,” he continued.

In addition to expecting many of the former Persib players, Aji also reluctant to think about the conditions of the opposing team in the last few games was criticized supporters for too often achieve a draw.

“We still have to be aware because in terms of quality players, still lost to Persib. Although this time Persib condition is not good, it does not mean we will easily be able to beat, “he said.

“So we have to keep fighting and be wary of all the opposing players. Especially from the information I received, they have never won here. So we will try to keep it, like in TSC yesterday they lost 1-2. We will be able to keep it, “said Aji.

Persela order to achieve maximum results in a match Persib, Aji had been warned the players to be able to immediately forget the defeat of Borneo FC in the last game that dilakoni.

“We did lose (against Borneo FC), but if in terms of the game I was quite satisfied. We created many chances, though not many goals were created. Yesterday can still be understood if lost, but if in the cage we should not lose, “said the former architect of the Arema FC.

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