Perisic: Thank you Luciano Spalleti

Perisic: Thank you Luciano Spalleti

Inter Milan midfielder Ivan Perisic, thanks to his coach, Luciano Spalletti.

Perisic gives thanks to Spalletti because he is still believed to defend the Nerazzurri in a long time.

As already known, Perisic has now signed a contract extension until the 2022 season.

Although always associated with the British giants, Manchester United, now he has proven his loyalty by staying at Inter.

Perisic said, “First I feel happy to stay at Inter.”

“I do not care about other clubs besides Inter. Although there are many offers, I still choose to stay at Inter. ”

“And of course I want to thank for Spalletti, who still entrusted Inter midfield to me.”

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