Maguire: Winning Up Brighton is Very Important

Maguire: Winning Up Brighton is Very Important

Leicester City’s new defender Harry Maguire has stated that a 2-0 win against Brighton & Hove Albion last weekend is needed by his team.

Because the next dilaga The Foxes will face Manchester United which in this summer has a fantastic squad and also predicted to be out as Premier League champions.

Although not easy to win at home through goals Shinji Okazaki and also Maguire. But the player insists the three points in the gap can be The Seagulls is an important capital of his team to fight the Red Devils which is also in two games can achieve perfect results.

“After last weekend’s defeat, we knew aka would be tough and we came under this pressure but with a goal at the start it set our nerves and we were able to play good football,” Harry Maguire told the media.

“Maybe in the first half we should be able to turn off the game and score two to three goals, but our upcoming seems to be more clinical.

“We were in the second half and started out solid and of course I managed to score a goal to give us a little comfort. Since it started, I did not think we would lose the game.

“I think this is an important win and we know after two games will always be difficult. As you can see last weekend at Arsenal, we can get through from foot to foot with big teams.

“We have confidence from one game to the next and we will go to Manchester United with a positive attitude.”

The player who was brought in this summer from Hull City also admitted the pre-season has helped him quickly adapt to the team.

“After you move the club, then you always have to build relationships, especially you as a defender. You must know each other’s attributes, “Continue Maguire.

“The more you play with each other, the better you are. I can play all the games in pre season and I know youth.

“With the first two games, it is a positive performance. But today’s performance is more solid and we really deserved to win. “

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