Chiellini: Italy Must Sample Criticism

Chiellini: Italy Must Sample Criticism

Giorgio Chiellini insists Italy is not affected from criticism ahead of Macedonia in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers.

Italy entered this match with a disappointing performance, where they had to play a playoff game to occupy a position in Russia, but the Juventus defender admits his lack of compactness outside the training ground did not help.

“This will be a challenging match, Macedonia is a quality country so this fight will not be easy,” said the Juventus defender.

“We have to stay focused during the game. Destruction? Unfortunately there are ups and downs in football and the team does not have to go to the top along with what they say.

“We have to stay away from such negative voices. Kmi will undergo a play-off game with confidence and respect to our opponents.

“Should the criticisms do not affect us. Critics? We lost to Spain, one of the best teams in modern football. “

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