Chicharito Denies Ronaldo Contacted for Mexico Earthquake Donation

Chicharito Denies Ronaldo Contacted for Mexico Earthquake Donation

Cristiano Ronaldo is known as a humanist figure Taruhan Bola. He never hesitates to help others, especially when disaster stricken .

Once again CR7 showed generosity by helping the victims of the Mexican earthquake that occurred last week. As a form of empathy, Ronaldo had uploaded a photo holding Real Madrid jersey.

He claimed to present the shirt for Santiago Flores Mora, a 6-year-old boy who died from the disaster. Ronaldo admitted sad to hear the story about the departure of this former Manchester United player.

“For my number 1 fans, Santiago, in this moment of pain I send a warm hug to the family there who has lost loved ones,” wrote Ronaldo, who admitted receiving news of Santiago’s death from a message sent by relatives of Santiago.

While Fox Sport also reported that Ronaldo has contacted his former Real Madrid partner, Javier Hernandez, to jointly send donations to Mexico. But only briefly, the player who is usually called Chicharito clarify.

The West Ham United star has strongly denied that Ronaldo has been contacted for a relief scheme to his village, but he hopes he can help our country in any way. “Chicharito chirps on Twitter, as cited 101 Great Goals.

Tight Competition, Mourinho Warns MU Defender

Tight Competition, Mourinho Warns MU Defender

Jose Mourinho has warned Luke Shaw to work hard to be Manchester United’s (Manchester United) left back this season. The 22-year-old made his first appearance in the 2017-18 season as a substitute when MU met Burton Albion in the League Cup. Shaw was sidelined with a foot injury since April.

MU escaped thanks to a 4-1 victory in the game. However, Shaw was criticized for his poor performance.

Mourinho insists it is unfair to expect too much from the former Southampton player. Even so, Mourinho still challenged him to fight harder to get a place.

“He has to work hard, that’s all,” Mourinho said. “You see the same thing as I see it.”

Mourinho admitted Shaw had not played for six months. Therefore, he did not expect to go down for 45 minutes. “It’s a process, he has not played for a long time.”

Mourinho then pointed to the case of Alexis Sanchez and Eden Hazard at Arsenal and Chelsea. It supports the evidence of the value of his approach with Shaw.

“You have other players in the Premier League who did not start the game and their manager just said they were not in the best condition,” he said.

“The players are not in the best shape after a serious injury, Luke had surgery and a long time without playing. I can not expect him to come back and strong, strong, strong in his job,” said the Manchester United coach.

Wolfsburg 1-1 Werder Bremen (Bundesliga)

Wolfsburg 1-1 Werder Bremen (Bundesliga)

Wolfsburg vs. Werder Bremen, Wednesday, September 20, 2017, at 1:30 am, Volkswagen Arena, Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg had to settle for an additional 1 point in the 5th week of the Bundesliga after being held to a draw by Werder Bremen with the score 1-1.

Divock Origi scored his first goal with Wolfsburg in the 28th. But Werder Bremen countered the goal in the 56th minute thanks to Fin Bartels.

These results make the Wolfsburg points temporary to 5, while Bremen to 2.

The next match of Wolfsburg in the 6th week is a visit to Bayern Munich headquarters. Kick off will start on Saturday, September 23, 2017, at 20:30 pm.

Giggs: Madrid Still a Favorite

Giggs: Madrid Still a Favorite

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs believes that Real Madrid will still be the main favorite in the Champions League this season Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

In the last two seasons, Los Blancos have come out as champions in the Champions League, and seeing the quality of their squad, Giggs believes they will still be dominant in this season’s Champions League.

“Apart from Real Madrid, we clearly have PSG, which this year, they have a big intention [to win the Champions League],” the player told reporters.

“With the loss of Neymar from Barcelona, and the terrible start they are under, I think the competition will open wide.”

“You have to look into Real Madrid, what they have been doing for the last two years, and the players they have. They are still a team to be defeated. “

Perisic: Thank you Luciano Spalleti

Perisic: Thank you Luciano Spalleti

Inter Milan midfielder Ivan Perisic, thanks to his coach, Luciano Spalletti.

Perisic gives thanks to Spalletti because he is still believed to defend the Nerazzurri in a long time.

As already known, Perisic has now signed a contract extension until the 2022 season.

Although always associated with the British giants, Manchester United, now he has proven his loyalty by staying at Inter.

Perisic said, “First I feel happy to stay at Inter.”

“I do not care about other clubs besides Inter. Although there are many offers, I still choose to stay at Inter. ”

“And of course I want to thank for Spalletti, who still entrusted Inter midfield to me.”

Karamoh: To Inter Is My Dream

Karamoh: To Inter Is My Dream

Yann Karamoh admitted that he rejected all other offers just to join Inter, where he said that to San Siro is his dream.

The 19-year-old forward has indeed been heavily linked to the Nerazzurri along the transfer window, and finally completed his move on the transfer deadline, with a two-year loan and an obligation to buy.

“I reacted positively when I heard Inter want me,” Karamoh said as he explained to the media.

“I had a lot of options and I tried to think about it, but when I heard about Inter I blocked everything.”

“Inter is my dream so far and there is no doubt to come.”

“I have to be honest, I do not know Nerazzurri history well, but I always follow this team in the past.”

“Given the trophy they won, it’s a history I always treasure.”

“I would say this is one of the top teams in Europe, all the titles they get are impressive.”

Karamoh was then asked about the coach Luciano Spalletti.

“I think my features can be interesting for him, I’m in a good squad and I hope to be included in the first team.”

“I saw Spalletti in Rome, he is a great coach who knows how to win.”

“I have plenty of time to get to know everyone here, but some people have contacted me. There are many friendships to find, so I’m not worried. “

3 Prospective users of MU Keramat’s Number Next Season

3 Prospective users of MU Keramat’s Number Next Season

Manchester United (MU) has announced the number of backs to be used by players this season Judi Online. Interestingly, the Red Devils again emptied jersey number seven.

Whereas jersey number seven is a sacred number for MU. The players who wear it is usually a legend at the club.

Some mention jersey number seven deliberately emptied to welcome new players. But there are also who think that the number was emptied because there is no decent to wear this season.

Yes, in the last few seasons wearer number seven in the MU actually somewhat unlucky. Angel Di Maria and Memphis Depay are the latest evidence.

They seemed to be burdened to carry the number. No wonder both did not last long at Old Trafford.

Then who are the candidates number seven at the MU this season? The following reviews as dilansir from various sources:

1. Antoine Griezmann

Transfer news

Griezmann became the target number 1 MU since last summer. There was even news that he had signed a personal contract with MU.

MU itself has set up big funds to buy Griezmann from Atletico. Even ready to break Paul Pogba’s transfer record last summer. But unfortunately the transfer has not happened until now.

Nevertheless the move is likely to happen next summer. Moreover, Griezmann in several occasions did not deny interested in moving Manchester United.

One more thing, number seven is already synonymous with Griezmann at Atletico and the French national team.

2. Paulo Dybala

Dybala has just extended his contract with Juventus. But that does not mean MU will stop chasing him next summer.

The Argentine striker is judged to have the ability to surpass the duo of the world’s best players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Proven so far he is the mainstay of The Old Lady.

Dybala’s fast and sharp play style fits perfectly with the English Premier League. And MU can be the right club to develop the career of the Argentine players.

3. Ivan Perisic

Throughout this summer Perisic’s name has always been associated with MU. But until the transfer window closed the transfer was not realized.

Though the offer of 35 million euros has been given MU at Inter Milan. But the Italian giant refused and insisted on a price of 50 million euros.

But that does not mean the opportunity to get Perisic has been closed. Especially if Inter Milan did not grow this season.

Unai Emery Influence on PSG Policy

Unai Emery Influence on PSG Policy

The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) coach, Unai Emery, claims he currently has more power in PSG.

Reported by from Marca, Unai Emery had threatened to leave PSG.

Emery’s threat is based on his desire to replace Paris Sports Director Saint-Germain.

Emery is rumored to have previously asked for Patrick Kluivert’s position to be replaced by Enrique Antero.

“I told the President (Nasser Al-Khelaifi), if I want to stay here, he needs to listen to me,” Emery said.

“The president then replaced Kluivert with Antero, now we have a good understanding,” Emery added.

The Spaniard also confirmed this change for the sake of PSG.

PSG must prepare themselves to live the rigors of European competition in addition to targeted to remain victorious in domestic competition.

Zouma Back to the French National Team Skim

Zouma Back to the French National Team Skim

Defender Kurt Zouma, reportedly back into the squad France and replace Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane who is injured.

Previously Zouma must be eliminated from the squad after he suffered an injury when he was still defending Chelsea in 2016. And since then he had to be pulled out when the game was razed.

However, after struggling for recovery from his ACL operations, Zouma has moved to Stoke City on loan for the season, and so far the move has a good and mutually beneficial role for both sides.

Where Zouma has successfully helped Timnye keep a clean sheet against Arsenal. And even he got close to scoring, when his long-range shot was almost on the goalkeeper Ben Foster, West Brom on Sunday.

In return for his glorious performances, Zouma will now return to the French squad. He called after Raphael Varane stepped down due to injury. Zouma himself has two caps for Les Blues, but he had not been called since nearly two years ago.

40 Years, 16 Duel Indonesia Vs Malaysia at SEA Games

40 Years, 16 Duel Indonesia Vs Malaysia at SEA Games

Indonesia and Malaysia will meet for the 16th time in the SEA Games men’s soccer branch for 40 years of participation Agen Sbo. Indonesian and Malaysian national team will duel in semifinal SEA Games 2017, Saturday (26/08/2017).

Indonesia first met Malaysia in the 1977 SEA Games. At that time, Indonesia won in the group phase, but failed to move to the final and Malaysia won the gold medal.

In 1979, Indonesia also bite the fingers. Drawing 0-0 in the group phase, but lost on the gold medal.

SEA Games Indonesia Semi-Finals Schedule Vs Malaysia, August 26, 2017

Total, 15 times Indonesia meets Malaysia at SEA Games. Interestingly, both teams both won six victories, not including victory via penalties.

That way, whoever wins the semi-final match later will be superior because of winning one victory over his rival.

Who will win the seventh? The match at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday (26/08/2017) will be decisive.

Duel Indonesia Vs Malaysia at SEA Games:

1977 – Indonesia 2-1 Malaysia (Group)
1979 – Indonesia 0-0 Malaysia (Group)
1979 – Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia (Final)
1985 – Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia (Bronze Contest)
1987 – Indonesia 1-0 Malaysia (Final)
1989 – Indonesia 0-2 Malaysia (Group)
1991 – Indonesia 2-0 Malaysia (Group)
1995 – Indonesia 3-0 Malaysia (Group)
1997 – Indonesia 4-0 Malaysia (Group)
1999 – Indonesia 6-0 Malaysia (Group)
2001 – Indonesia 1-2 Malaysia (Group)
2005 – Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia (Bronze Contest)
2011 – Indonesia 0-1 Malaysia (Group)
2011 – Indonesia 1-1 Malaysia – Pen 3-4 (Final)
2013 – Indonesia 1-1 Malaysia – Pen 4-3 (Semi-finals)
2017 – Indonesia x-x Malaysia (Semi-finals)

Play: 15
Indonesia wins: 6
Series: 3 (including penalties)
Malaysia Win: 6