3 Prospective users of MU Keramat’s Number Next Season

3 Prospective users of MU Keramat’s Number Next Season

Manchester United (MU) has announced the number of backs to be used by players this season Judi Online. Interestingly, the Red Devils again emptied jersey number seven.

Whereas jersey number seven is a sacred number for MU. The players who wear it is usually a legend at the club.

Some mention jersey number seven deliberately emptied to welcome new players. But there are also who think that the number was emptied because there is no decent to wear this season.

Yes, in the last few seasons wearer number seven in the MU actually somewhat unlucky. Angel Di Maria and Memphis Depay are the latest evidence.

They seemed to be burdened to carry the number. No wonder both did not last long at Old Trafford.

Then who are the candidates number seven at the MU this season? The following reviews as dilansir from various sources:

1. Antoine Griezmann

Transfer news

Griezmann became the target number 1 MU since last summer. There was even news that he had signed a personal contract with MU.

MU itself has set up big funds to buy Griezmann from Atletico. Even ready to break Paul Pogba’s transfer record last summer. But unfortunately the transfer has not happened until now.

Nevertheless the move is likely to happen next summer. Moreover, Griezmann in several occasions did not deny interested in moving Manchester United.

One more thing, number seven is already synonymous with Griezmann at Atletico and the French national team.

2. Paulo Dybala

Dybala has just extended his contract with Juventus. But that does not mean MU will stop chasing him next summer.

The Argentine striker is judged to have the ability to surpass the duo of the world’s best players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Proven so far he is the mainstay of The Old Lady.

Dybala’s fast and sharp play style fits perfectly with the English Premier League. And MU can be the right club to develop the career of the Argentine players.

3. Ivan Perisic

Throughout this summer Perisic’s name has always been associated with MU. But until the transfer window closed the transfer was not realized.

Though the offer of 35 million euros has been given MU at Inter Milan. But the Italian giant refused and insisted on a price of 50 million euros.

But that does not mean the opportunity to get Perisic has been closed. Especially if Inter Milan did not grow this season.

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